time trials v8 miata build

I know the pics are not the best, but I started without a thought about doing a blog. So i got allot of black berry pics!

I picked up a 1999 with 250kmiles. The guy I boutght it from said it has a blown motor, but I think it was just Miata tick. Ether way a good platform for a v8 build.

Trans is a Tremec t-56 for a Camaro and a sfi bell housing.

Corvette ls1

My race seat. I used it to play Forza3 until the car was ready.
Making templates for gauges.

Almost finished.

Not bad! Rpm, oil temp, water temp, oil pressure, and fuel gauge. only what i need. I'll need to do something about the wheel. I'm thinking Nardi.....

Time to start pulling stuff.
 Building race cars = a big mess. 
see my championship winning 1.6l miata  in the background. (with white wheels)

Got all that useless  everything out of there. 

Diff came in!! I went with a factory replacement. with the small wheels I'll be running this should
have no issues locking up.

I cheated and went the easy way out with a new harness


Seam welded. You can really fell the transitions allot better with steel holding the car together instead of glue.
Another example of my ok welding.

The biggest and lightest stoppers for a miata. thanks Good Win!

I went with stance. They are a local company. I like to support the local communitys whenever i can. Brian says amazing things about them.
9ul 15x9 wheels. thanks 949!!
Super sticky, good in the wet, and the lowest UTQG my class will allow. These will be perfect.

I took a break from the build to go racing, and won these guys. 2 races 2 first place victories,  i couldn't be happier with the outcome.thanks to WCMC for putting on the event.

This car had 250,00 miles on it when i got it. and the floor pans look new.
Oh well, back to the build. More welding....
That should just about do it.
Paint the welds in the trunk.
Prep for paint.

Sand the big areas, Scuff where the sander won't fit. Mask off for over spray.

 Hammer time!!
While i waited for the pant to dry, I swapped out the K member. New k member is on the right. It's 10 lbs lighter then the old one, on the left.

Super fast.
new spec miata 53mm radddddd!

300% larger for 300% mor powaaaa!!!

Engine bay is looking good!!
mmmmm 2 piece rotors ahhhhhh
Satin is my motor...  Up on the engine stand installing of the GM hot cam.
Note the start button. Thanks Nackers for the hours spent installing it. 

This is needed to make a ford 8.8 rear end fit a Miata sub frame.

Brian Nackers wired up the dash and we installed it.

I busted out my fancy camera, and tried my best to be artistic.

Tubular A arms are not necessary, but they look so sweet!

So shiny!! Flyin' Miata oil pan, and headers.

New track bumper. My friends all hate the green. when it's painted it will be awesome.

Head lights... check!

looking good

A good shot of the exhaust and the sfi bellhousing. 

Eli from Project X "This stupid thing actually started tonight. Sounds ridiculous."

We got it all finished up. she runs, drives, but is far form ready to race. 


Alan said...

This thing is so badass.

Irish said...

I'm really excited to see more of this beast. I'd really like to get a little more information on your suspension setup, if you're willing to share.

Johnny Cichowski "Johnny C". said...

The current set up is just regular miata stance coils. after next year i should be on a more specific race setup. but we'll see how the testing and tuning gos to see what direction we go in.

Anonymous said...

nice front bumper, what kind is it?

Johnny Cichowski "Johnny C". said...

it's a vis replica bumper. with 1999 miata bumper few and far between i figured the vis would be easier to replace.

XCLR8TN said...

Lookin good! :)

Anonymous said...

How long did this build take you? About how many hours?

Johnny Cichowski "Johnny C". said...

it took me 6 months to build no idea on the hr count sorry.