Ls1 Miata…..Tale of the scales

          I went to Mobile 1 in Glenview to use their scales.  The question of how the little monster weighs has always been in the back of my mind.  

The people at Mobile 1 are extremely professional and nice too!

I'm excited for my street wheels to get here so  can put these Sparcos back on the daily driver.

Under 2500lbs... better then i was hoping. more exciting was the cross weight on the passenger side.  

Under 2700 with me in the car, and a full tank of gas. not bad.


Anonymous said...

to rephrase myself lol
sweet! when are you taking it out for some racing? are you going to be using the R1Rs from last year?
btw what happened to the front bumper, its stock

Johnny Cichowski "Johnny C". said...

yea i had some issues with the bumper fitting to the hood. so for now i threw the stock one on there. and yep the Toyo r1r's and the 15x9 6ul will be the auto x tires.i want to get some 275/35r15 Hoosier a6's for track days.

Anonymous said...

What steps are needed to even it out and keep the ride height right?

Looking good though man.


Unknown said...

Wow, lighter than I thought :)

Unknown said...

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