Crazy Weekend

Super car Saturday kicked it off. We attend the monthly gathering in good fashion. I was amazed at the huge response the v8 Miata received. people really loved it, and people had asked allot of questions.

Big thanks to the Photo-Motive who covered the event.

I spent allot of time by my car, talking to people. Almost didn't get a chance to see all the other amazing cars, because people had so many inquires. It's nice to see people really enjoying something that i had dedicated so many hours to. Makes it feel like my hard work is paying off.
Again thanks to brad for the pictures!

The turnout was huge!!

Then on Sunday...

The weather was ummm.... exciting!

Every time we run we learn allot about the car. It's secretes are starting to shine. Everyone knows new race cars suck, but this one is getting dialed in. it's starting to be a good racer. 

The suspension was still a little soft. I think it's time to step up the springs again. other then a little issue with the spring rate, the car felt incredibly balanced. 

Having some fun with a g8. On the straights i was slightly faster, but in the corners he had no chance. he pointed me by after this turn. 

My friend DJ came out with his supercharged g35. It was good to see the car running again. his motor blew up almost 2 years ago, and now he has a fresh one.  I'm glad to see the old girl knocking out some laps.

Overall I'm satisfied with our track day, our car, the show, and the team. thanks to my lovely finance Andrea, She made the whole weekend easy as pie. I look forward to the next race and hungry for another first place. 

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Unknown said...

How wide is your wing and do you feel down force from it with out a hard top?