A New Build. 240sx S14/ S15 clone.....

I was contracted out by Project X to build a new race car. I am told this will be a time trials car much like my miata. having experience with going from a complete blank slate to going working race car is what I am becoming known for.

For those who don't know 240's blood line or the "S" notations. when the car is finished it will look similar to this.

It's a S14 240sx we will be giving it the full JDM treatment. Full jdm running gear from a S15 240sx (s15 was never sold in the US) . A built sr20 with the 6 speed is on order for this big guy. By just looking at the built motor and the size of the turbo he should be looking for 400-500 wheel HP.
This is how she came in, gutted. The only thing that was left on was the rear subframe, and that needs to be taken off. Everyone at the shop is a little nervous about the work that is required. But i can see the potential.

A nice little 1/2 cage should get pass tech at the tracks.
This is the sr20 in question. The Cosworth head gasket is a good inclination to what's inside.  

We tested it, it's a 6 speed for a 240sx. very rare to find in the states. I bet a week before race wars these pull a premium...

First thing we did was install the suspension. A full polyurethane bushing kit was delivered and i grabbed the touch. The kit requires some of the stock sleeves to be left but the rubber to be removed. This took about 15minits on each bushing to heat them up and scrape out old rubber.   
Polyurethane bushings need to be lubed up. or they will squeak over every bump and drive everyone mad!! They require constant greasing to prevent the squeak. Normally installing a zerk fitting would be beneficial to ease in greasing the joints but none where supplied so we skipped that step.  

Altogether and ready to  go in. now to do the 40 other joints.

The weather was so nice that i took the next day off and went for a drive. puffy clouds for the win!
Showed up the day after fresh and ready to get to work.

Boom! Got her in there. The new sr20 requires a new k member, so i swapped it out, bolted up the 6 speed, and threw the motor in. Unlike my miata this motor is staying in. 
I got the exhaust manifold, turbo, inter-cooler kit, radiator, fans, and hoses all installed. this install is going by fast...



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