Thank you holley for a blast of a good time

we tested and tuned the car for the last time before shedding out to ls fest. thank you windy city miata club your tight tracks helped me allot. I'll be around next year. 

The Nine Lives Racing gang loaded up the trailer and headed down to bowling green KY. we where headed to the long awaited Holley ls fest. a full year of testing and tuning with the windy city miata club  had lead to this.   
Arriving on the first day of the event. I assumed it was going to be a seriously structured event, but it wound up being a festival. At any time you could jump in the drag race line or do auto cross, there where numerous challenges and for a grown man I felt like i was a 5 year old kid, not knowing what to do next. It was allot of fun.

Yep, that is what you think. ITB's on a ls3!! tease need to find a home on the monster, it was almost meant to be! I could hardly pay attention during the drivers meeting, I was drooling so bad.  
Holley had the biggest tent with ton's of ls swapped cars. we had the only miata surprisingly
The guys over at Texas Speed where on hand too. I finally got a chance to talk them up about a set of truck head that i was googaling in their web sight. hopefully over the winner i can order a set.

The nice people over at Hot Rod Magazine took our pictures and our times. I was very happy to be racing some of the best ls powered cars and drivers in the country. i never thought i would beat Brian Finch.

Fastest run of the day was a 42.167. in the after noon they changed the track for safety reasons, and i couldn't take all my runs.  I let Brian Nackers drift my car and he needed to prepare it for that evening. the fastest pm run was a  43.349.

Holley LS Fest Autocross Saturday Results image
Brian Finch ’71 Camaro
Street Touring
42.486 (PM) 42.679 (AM)

Kyle Tucker ’70 Camaro
Street touring
42.696 (AM)  42.486 (PM)

Stacy Tucker ’69 Camaro
Street Touring
43.941 (PM)

Jeff Schwartz Ultima GTR
Street Touring
44.048 (AM)

Jeffrey Hawkins C5 Z06 Super Stock
43.611 (AM)

That night i handed over the keys to Brain Nackers to play for a while.

The low light made it severely difficult for me to take any pics. I have more but are so ugly i refuse to show them :P

one thing lead to another and Brian kissed the wall. I don't blame him the car's lack of angle and him being new to the car lead to it getting away from him. Being the good friend that he is he'll be helping me fix it. after the crash he was complaining about back pain so i pulled the car out of the drift event. it's lack of cage and seeing some of the not-so-good drivers out there made me safety conscious. he needs to stay healthy to drift next season.
 With some 200mph tape a handful of vinyl and a new sponsor we hit the track again.
You can see Joe from horsepower TV smoking in the background. looks like they are filming that day. everyone watch horsepower TV on spike. I might be on there. 

Stock class basically meant a non corporate sponsored car. it's a familiar feeling racing cars that are better prepared then mine. brings me back to the days when i raced a $400 1.6l miata.
In my class i took home first or second every day. over all i was in the top 5 every day. I couldn't be happier.

 It was a seriously fun weekend I'm missing it already. I want to thank my fence andrea for the pictures and managing, Nackeres for more crazy ideas, holly for the event, windy city miata club for the competitive events, and all the new fans I got cheering me on this weekend. Thank you all -Johnny C.

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