A New Location, A New Opportunity @Performance Friction

       As a child I dreamed of becoming a motorcycle-cop-truck-driver.  hauling loads, while chasing down bad guys sounds like allot of fun to a five year old.  After turning six the realization that there is no such position, brought a reluctant change of career goals.  Deciding instead to focus on a career in my 2nd favorite industry, Motorsports.  Making a living in the race car business is not an easy thing to do.  For almost 2 years I have worked for Project X.  Building cars and taming the wild Eli (master tech and owner of Project X), the whole thing was a blast!!  Although fun, the demand for work changes with the weather.  Summer time brings tons of customers, a never ending demand for work, and winter brings the opposite.  Most of the winter months I would find myself watching TV on the couch.  You see, during the winter people lock up their cars, hiding it from snow & road salt, waiting for next race season, and start planning summer projects.  Demand for work grinds to a snails pace.  It's just one of the pitfalls for a custom shop in Chicago.  With this in mind I started applying for a more consistent position in the motorsports industry.

      November 2010, I received a call from Performance Friction.  The makers of the world's best racing pads, rotors, and calipers.  Needless to say I was excited.  After two phone interviews and an in-person interview I was offered a job of Inside Sales.  I quickly accepted it.  The only hang up was the opportunity was in Clover, South Carolina.  I am saying farewell to my home in Chicago, and saying hello to a new Home in the Carolinas.  My time in Chicago was unforgettable.  I have made allot of friends that I will never forget, and will be constantly annoying them to come and visit.

       I will be packing up the cars, the team, my fiancé, and moving to the Charlotte area.  Among many amazing racing teams.  I hope that we can multiply our racing experience tenfold, we get 6 more months of racing down south when compared to Chicago. The perks of southern racing is starting to pop up, and I can't wait to start. Needless to say, I will be enjoying the employee discount at Performance friction. as they will be the only pads on any of my cars.


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