You know that noisy thing that sits in the corner of your living room? That's a TV, Nine Lives is going to be on it!!

Horse Power TV spent the weekend at Holley's LS fest. They stuffed cameras in the Miata for a few auto x runs, Johnny was interviewed at the event, and they had the cameras focused for Nacker's drifts. Hopefully some of it makes the air. Lets cross our fingers and set the DVRs for SPIKE 10:30AM Eastern Saturday and 11:30AM Eastern Sunday.

Holley LS Fest 2011 Event Airs on Horsepower TV! Sat&Sun March 10th and 11th 2012.

Make sure to tune into SpikeTV for PowerBlock this Saturday and Sunday morning. Horsepower TV will be covering our second-annual 2011 Holley LS Fest

The PowerBlock gang spent the long weekend with us catching the drag racing, autocross, drifting, engine swapping, dyno pulls, speed-stop racing, and the car show on video. If you didn’t make the event last year, be sure to catch this year's event This year’s dates are September 7-9, 2012, so start making plans

Horsepower TV plays at 10:30AM Eastern Saturday and 11:30AM Eastern Sunday on SpikeTV, but please double-check your local listings. Look for the episode titled All LS and All High Performance Fun for the LS Fest event coverage.

Hope to see you guys this year


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