Fixes and Upgrades

Well lets get this show on the road.
As you might remember the car was crashed at Holley’s LS fest. I recommend any potato lovin` Americans to come out to the 2012 event.
 “Potato loving?” think of a camed v8 and say potato-potato- potato-potato- potato-potato----- potato-potato- you’ll get it.
Any way.

 We fixed up what we could and finished the weekend. after the crash the car wasn’t as fast as it was. The first day I finished first with a few sec to burn. Day2 and 3 we where just stuck in 2nd.

 I got the car hole to check out the damage. The core support was fucked, the frame was bent, and the fender, bumper, hood and headlight where all destroyed.
When this happened I was broke as a joke. I spent all my $$ getting my car down to KY, paying for hotel rooms, and food for everyone that went with. Not to mention I didn’t have a full time job.

 So I got a job and moved to Charlotte NC.
After about 2 months of work I saved enough cash to start buying replacement pieces.

 Rented a truck and bought a hood.

 Went down to maz mart to find the biggest item that would fit in the back of a wrx/saab wagon

 I removed all of the damaged parts from the car. The frame rail was bent thankfully before the suspension pickup points. This did require me to cut a massive amount of car away.

  So I welded the new core support. Took my time and measured it up.

fitting well.

 looks like i'll move on to the next part of my project.

Honk if the only thing attached to your tyranny is a short block!

 New set of heads from Texas speed. This should get me into the 425hp range

PRC Stage 2.5 5.3L CNC Ported Heads

 2.02"/1.575" Stainless Steel Valves
PRC .650" Lift Dual Valve Spring Kit Complete with Dual
Springs, Titanium Retainers, Seats, & Seals
Completely Assembled and Milled to your Specifications
58-63cc Chambers

got a new set of Texas speed heads. ls7 roller lifters and the upgraded ls2 lifter trays. I'll post pics later.

 adding some oil for...
ls7 lifters!!

You can see the ls2 lifter trays. other then being able to fit into a ls1 they seem to be more oil flow friendly

Now you can see them side by side. ls2 trays are on the right.

 Filling them up wif oil

The new heads next to the lightly used ones

much much larger valves, and they are ported too. should flow nicely.

 ls motors have a strange torq procedure. you torq them to 22 ft libs turn them 90* and turn them 90* again. putting little lines on the bolts helps keep track.

 got them on!!

I have many new parts but they haven't fount their way to the door step yet. They should be coming soon along with some updates. Stay tuned. 

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