Track day Fun day. Atlanta Motorsports Park

Atlanta motorsports park is a brand new track. It's very exciting to find out what secrets this track has yet to share.  

Forged performance was hosting the track day. They are a wold class shop, and you wont be finding many beaters in there clientele. 
Being that my car is from the late 90's I was representing the "classics" :P 

I parked next to this piece of crap, it totally cramped my stile :P
The track is so new, the buildings are yet to be built. All the participants are camped out on the soon to be garage and penthouse suites.
Here is the finished img of the track. I am very excited of the go-cart track. It has lots of elevation changes, we where able to check it out and it looks like lots of fun.  The track is built in the Georgia hills, the road heading to the track is amazing!! Lots of twists and turns. As you drive in you realize why they built a track in the this location.

Don't mind the the scratches.... because race car.
lets see how it does.  NOTE see the cones in the pit lane? That turn is blind and sharp. I foresee that turn being the "million dollar" corner.
This track is beautiful. It has lots of elevation changes, blind turns, "don't lift" moments, and plenty of "G's" in every direction. If it's a dream, I don't want to wake up! 
This little guy had the V10 engine. I take back everything bad I've ever said about v10 motors. This one sounded like the terrorists in a juicer... Perfect.
Gotta grab those apexes.
An Audi TT lost it's brakes and went in the massive gravel pits. understandable because Performance friction doesn't make pads for a TT. The gravel is tricky to get threw so we had to wait for a forklift to get it out. after this picture the TT was put down and it drove away.
Forged brought out it's big guns. This TT GT-R was the fastest thing out there.
Despite how hectic a track or a race can be, there is time to slow down and think...

The track is so tight, there where no areas for passing. So you took what you could.

The FR-S was released a few months ago, but that doesn't mean they are hiding in garages. Here are 2 prime examples of the cars being driven the way they should.

Forged Performance's TTRGTR is seriously quick. I came over a hill and saw it at a distance it in my mirror. I thought to myself "I'll let it by then I'll chase it down".  After that moment I looked back in my mirror and it was right behind me. I let it by and another moment later it was gone. It's very impressive to see that thing move.  

I recently sold my saabaruu and bought a big honking SUV. So our pit area will be a little more luxurious next time. I'm on the left Sean our new friend is in the middle, and my smoking hot wife Andrea is on the right.

It was a really fun day. Over all the best time I could get was a 1:36.5 the track recorded was a 1:20 something. not bad considering the track is so tight and I just have a simple set of street tires.

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