A visit to VIR

For as long as I can remember experiencing a new to me track is an exciting time in my life. Being Jumpy and easily excited I accepted an offer to come up to VIR. 

We packed up the buffalo for its maiden road trip.  

Baited my wife into the car with Starbucks, and hit the road.

“Your destination is 2 hours away”

Small shops in the middle of nowhere, there must be a track around here somewhere.

Found it 

Through the trees we can see things that look like race cars. They do have stickers.

Maybe not "race cars" but they are on a race track 

We spotted Brian's car turning laps. He is the one that invited us up.  He was driving a ls1 powered mark III supra.

I call it the Camaro. What else would you call a front engine, rwd, ls1 powered, hatchback that is painted hugger orange. :P

The field was full your usual $500 characters.

I have a soft spot for old z cars. 

 This team though that they had the perfect solution for the overweight 300zx. They gutted it. This was just body panels bolted to a roll cage

The legs made me giggle.. 
Bio hazard car was leading the pack most if the day. All of the aerodynamics where hand make from wood. Whatever they did it worked. They where ticking off laps at an alarming rate.
This guy was turning allot of laps too. The yellow flags and vir crews where getting allot of practice.

Brian's team fielded 5 cars. All but one has a lsx type motor. See if you can guess the one that is not.

 65. milf light 

4.chicken pit supra 

50. wounded solder station wagon.

151. Stamford and sons pick up

501 Acura Integra 

If you guessed the Acura then you’re right. 

Everyone but the Honda sucked gas at an accelerated pace. The truck drank a pound and a half of fuel every min. a rough estimate is 3mpg.   

Not to mention they all kept braking down..

This one dropped a lifter 

This one wanted to hit some tires 
This one was running out of electricity
This one just kept working. it sucked gas thanks to its 6.0l motor and 1950's aerodynamics. Hell it worked. 
The sun started to set and I needed to get home. I had my own car to work on. 

The night started to take its hold over this beautiful track. The cars ran to the pits to add on extra lights. 

The cars ran into the night as I started home. I could hear the motors buzzing as I pulled away. 

Brian's team suffered mechanical problems on virtually every car for the next 12 hours. The supra had a drive shaft issue, the station wagon would never leave the pits, the Honda ran out of brakes, the "milf light's" trans committed suicide. The truck kept going though it kept sucking gas all night long
Hopefully next year I’ll be a part of a chump team. As much as I love seeing new tracks I love driving new tracks even better. 

I took over 1000 pictures over the 12 hours I was there. To see them all head over to my photography website. www.begoodphotography.smugmug.com 

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