Ls1 Miata exhaust. DIY parts list.

The exhaust is a pain in the butt for a Miata. I have yet to see a quality kit for anything less than a thousand bucks. For us on a budget we got to make our own. 
This was my first attempt.  I had just bought my mig welder and was trying to learn. 

This is my 3rd attempt. Other then becoming a better welder all the tubes fit up and inside the frame rails. 
My old exhaust leaked like crazy. I learned two things.
1.       Butt welds always leak.(Compare the joints between my first exhaust and my 3rd. notice the joints on the 3rd exhaust has no butt welds. ) Get a connector to cover the joints.
2.       Copper collector gaskets suck. Do what I did and get these v clamps. Makes a world of difference. They install 3x faster too.  

By request I listed all the part numbers and quantities. Everything was bought from

I didn't add mufflers on the order, but i picked up a set of hookers direct. I'll let you know how they work. Any aftermarket offset 2.5" muffler will work. take a look around there are thousands of choices. 

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