Changing out the dash, and a little wiring.

The NB dash that was in the monster originally was a bit too...let be nice and call it Grass Roots. Switches with tape on it, holes ect. An over all dirty look.  

The main harness that was in the car was wired by yours truly. Having never done a harness before, doing a 2nd time would yield better results.

Being not very proud of the job that was done, this file photo will offer a close to accurate description.

The Ever famous Holley ECU was bolted to tabs, and welded to the dash bar. Although this looks cool when you pop the airbag cover off. It wasn't the sturdiest place to mount such a high dollar device. The Tabs have a tendency to vibrate, and we all know that's not good for electronics.

STEP 1: if you compare electricity to a tree.. stump= battery- branches=relays&switches - leafs=lights.  we can then take the steps like climbing a tree. Step 1  The battery (that's already mounted) goes directly to this. A fuse panel was needed, this panel is modular. Ie.. it can be removed as a whole. If the car got totaled out the panel can be move to a new chassis with ease.

The back side of the panel holds all of the relays. again this panel can be removed and transplanted into almost any chassis.

Next up the tree is the switch panel. The switches will control the; Lap-timer, Ecu, main ACC drives, headlights, starter and windshield wipers.

The switch panel too is modular. Cut the rivets that hold it to the NA dash panel and it can be moved to any chassis.  TOP TIP: when riveting plastic like a dashboard put washers behind the rivets. The washers will pull the rivet in and won't deform the plastic.

The NB shaped Gauge cluster bolted directly into the NA gauge cluster mounting points. I hid all of the wires behind the gauge hood.
Amazingly! I put all the connections together and she worked the first time.

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