NEW Components. V8 Roadsters

When the LS1 miata project was started the chassis had just over 250,000 miles on it. That was the #1 reason for seam welding. Some time has passed and it was determined that it would be a good idea to replace everything. *Enter V8 Roadsters* 

V8 Roadster makes the LS1-into-mitata sub frame. Along with other swap items. The current OEM control arms had a grotesque amount of miles on them. In a quest to remove anything on the car that came with it. ( a goal that we reach closer to everyday) we opted for the v8-r A-arms. 

Unlike a-arms out of a junk yard, these had 0 miles on them. They are not totally worn out. One thing that boggles the mind is why do people buy old clapped out race cars? You'll need to replace everything on it anyway. If you're replacing everything, you might as well build a one. end rant-- onward! 

  The new A-arms where installed toot sweet! Also the Diff was rebuilt with a 3.23 gear. 

We set the suspension at 954 racing's specs of 3.5* camber (F) and 3* camber (R) 0 toe. We managed to find 8* of caster. That's right 8* of caster. On your stock miata you would be lucky to get 3*. The new A-Arms have a ridiculous amount of adjustment.  For auto x we might trade some caster for extra camber. Where we are going we want the extra stability. It's nice to know you have choices..   

 To test them,  we ran a little track in Northern Florida. I'm sure no one's ever heard of it. leave your guesses in the comments.. 

With the new suspension settings and the reduced bind from the suspension. we picked up 0.2G's on turns. The little monster is now pushing 1.0g's on street tires. Before this the max we could muster was .8g. all data was recorded by an AIM Smarty cam and SOLO DL.


Allot of people like to use 954's box suspension settings,  we wouldn't recommend their set-up on a over powered miata. They like to fiddle with the rear tow to get the car to rotate. on a under powered car that might be necessary.  A v8 car doesn't need any help rotating. We have power to rotate. rear tow shouldn't be messed with. your playing with alot of drag, and possible wonky handling. 

 A good set up using v8 roadsters control arms is listed below. This is the same setup used to get 225/45r15 BFG rivals to hold over 1G  (a spec miata with a slick can hold about 1.2g)

Super speedway 160+ mph - sounds funny on a miata hua?  
F-Camber 3.5*
caster 8*
tow .5* 

R-Camber 3*
Caster 0 
tow 0 
Road coarse or auto x. This set up for anything that isn't an R-oval. 
F-Camber 4.5*
caster 5*
 tow 1* 

R-camber 3.2*
caster 0
tow 0 

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