Adding a racing wheel to a Miata.

Some gentle advice on why not to buy a "weld on" quick release hub. Recently we did a swap from a "weld on" to a Sparco hub and Momo Quick release. A new steering shaft was required to remove the old weld on hub.

Step 1. Get the right parts...

LTB momo bolt on quick release hub.
sparco hub: miata spline-to- sparco and momo bolt pattern.

A New Steering column from thanks TOM! 
For extra cleanliness we painted it flat black. 

What not to do: All steering wheel quick release mechanisms will develop play. How long it takes depends on use. Our car does 29-30 events a year. A quick release in our miata needs to be replaced after a year.  You can see the welded unit on the end of our column.

Photo credit speed hunters. 

Corvette racing uses a OEM tilt column for divers changes. This will exponentially increase the life of a quick release hub. 

The install: 
 step 1 column to hub. All Mazda columns W/Sparco hubs get the TQ spec at 33ft lbs.
After that: Tighten up the momo Quick release to the sparco hub. I use german specs for this. AKA goot-in`tight
Wheel distance is a personal preference. Personally I like a close wheel. If the wheel is close to you it is important to use collapsible components. In this set up the wheel. Sharco hub, and the column are all collapsible. This does not grantee safety, but gives you better odds.

Collapsible- just means the item is engineered to fail in a certain way.  With steering equipment it is meant to absorb the energy of an impact.
After the wheel was installed on the column, we installed the column in the car. 

I like to call my cockpit the “industrial look”. 

steering column-
momo/sparco hub -
quick release -

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