Race Update. Nasa Toy Run at Road Atlanta with video.

Race update: 
Nasa Toy run is a charity race as well as the season-ending event. 

It started on Thursday, with a Run to target for toys. OG Racing Donated and NLR matched the donation. The kids will love it. Side note if you go to target and tell them your buying for a charity they will cut you a discount. as you can see we bought multiples of the same items so Target knew it was for a charity. 


Entering this event we were 340 points up over Frank Calhun and his 5.0L mustang. The championship was captured at the Previous CMP race.   

Frank does a wonderful job of avoiding the internet, we cannot find a picture of his mustang anywhere. for a substitute I drew a picture of it, as you can see it's a monster. 

being that the TTU championship was going to be a nice early Christmas gift. We set my sights on Former teammate Devin's Gridlife time of 1:35.1. that would be a new Personal best for me by over 3 seconds. On a personal level, I didn't think I had that time in me, although I knew the car did.   

the RUN. 

The results. The AiM lap timer and transponder will not read the same time. the transponder is actually in the back of my car, the AIM is dead set in the front 1/3. 

We got the 1:35.1 we were looking for but we missed Devin's time by .02 of a second. We'll call that a Tie :D 

The surprise of the weekend was from Cameran Lane. 

This Old school Z car packs an LS1 engine. 

our cars were evenly matched, 
His motor was stock power as mine has heads and a cam.
 He had big ass 275mm tires, compared to my 245mm tires.

On the straights, I would catch him, but on the corners, he would walk away.

IT was one hell of a great fight. the first time out I bested his time by .084 of a second. the second run we weren't able to top him as we ran the best time of the day (1:35.160) but he ran his best of a (1:34.904) a split of  0.25 seconds.  It was one hell of a battle, we'll get him next time 

On to the awards for TTU 
*If you hold things closer to the camera it looks bigger.*

Then it got a little crazy

yep, that propane heater was running. if you haven't partied with NASA-Se ... have you even partied? 

Looking back on 2016. 
 I didn't do it alone. Wehn I say "we" I am referring to those who I am forever grateful. Huge Thank You goes out to the team, fellow racers and support. Andrea Cichowski, Joel Morrison, Jacob MoslerJohn McElroy, Alex Gallardo, my parents Dave Gregoria, Wendy Gregoria, to my partners Maxxis Tires, Grams Performance & DesignHolley Performance Products, OG Racing, Performance Friction Brakes, and to V8 Roadsters LLC

Looking forward to 2017

Goals for next year, 2017 we aren't going focus on the TTU run so hard. Instead, let's go for those tracks that have been out of reach. lets hit the bucket list tracks like Sebring and COTA. 
Let's push to the Miata to be more reliable, and let's clean it up a little. We are the heaviest campaigned V8 racing Miata ever. We need to capture the Road Atlanta V8 Miata lap record set by Danny George of 1.32.548 . keep an eye here for those updates.  

 A huge thank you to everyone who follows. 


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