Bucket list track.... Check! V8 Miata goes to Sebring.

NLR goes to Sebring. 
This started in St Augustine at the Mosler Motorsports shop.
If you didn't get a chance to see Jacobs shop check it out below. If that doesn't work check it here


Do watch it he has a ton of crazy mad scientist cars. 

From there we road tripped Down to Sebring. 

When we rolled in it was absolute Rain. 

 The TTU Miata and  Joel's TTC S2000. The track was absolutely soaked. 

We went out for our first timed Session. and came back to a surprise. 

We were Sitting 1 And 2 overall. a huge shock for a car that had 2-year-old tires. 

Joel's driving was the real surprise. beating out everyone, even the locals, and Andy Hollis. 

We were not so lucky.

The Clutch master cylinder decided to check out. losing all forward drive we had nothing left.

Jacob Even ran out of Gas 100ft from the trailers. and gas cans.

his car is kinda crazy.

We did Get ourselves a few dry laps before the car quit.

We were able to hold down our times for a few victories. 

Andy Hollis beat me out for first, but we took home second in TTU.

Joel was able to claim 2nd after setting the lap record.. and then someone else did too.  

Jacob got 2nd in STU and a case of the "hover hands"

We sat at the NASA South East table. All of us walked away with some hardware. Beard guy is rob esque. Markert motors and E30 driver. 

next event is Road Atlanta. 

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