Road Atlanta June Jam thrash and results.

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we had on hell of a thrash getting ready for NASA-SE June Jam at Road Atlanta. included are suspension changes, engine builds and updates. so if you do follow the Instagram, and ninelives racing facebook page here is the pay off to what you've been seeing.

The story starts with a refresh motor rebuild. 

3 years of hard running and John Burchard's engine rebuild still looks fantastic. A huge shout out to him and redline racing oils. 

So he slapped it back together with some fresh bearings. The wife and I went to go grab it.

This is also the first trip for "Blue" our new tower. Given to us by Grandma. The thing does pulls like a train and sips the gas. 

Brought the motor home and got straight to work. NASA was only 2 weeks away. 

This is the bottom of the front splitter. we noticed that splitter area was a huge deal in downforce. so we wanted to make it bigger. that and the plastic is heavy/flimsy. 

A quick chat with some race team buddies and decided that 1/16's Aluminum would be a good thickness. not too flimsy, and also not be too heavy. 

here it is all together. It grew in area by well over 30% and didn't gain a pound. That plastic was really really heavy.  

the next project was in the rear and it set the Miata world on fire. 600# springs. We changed them from 375# rear springs. so now we have a 750/600 combo. a ton of the West Coast miata people immediately snarked thing it would make the car undrivable. (where have we heard that before)

7 days till NASA!! 

next, we had to knock in the alignment and scale the car. 

 PS thanks to Paco motors for the warranty work on the hub stands. We broke an arm and they repaired it for free. super cool dudes. 

Well, we have a problem in the right rear.
 no matter what we did we couldn't get enough weight in it. 

we even tried adding weight to it. this is a 50# bag of peat rock.

 Eventually, we talked with TJ at OG Racing who sets up miatas on the regular.  He said all Miata's are light there.... oh.. well then. So we removed the pete rock and went back at it.  

2 day to NASA!!! Nismo the cat wants to go with. 

1 days to NASA. 
Show time!! fresh motor, fresh shock package fresh springs. let's give it a go. we decided to do a test day with J-Zilla track days and shake the car out. 

The new springs felt fantastic!! we no longer pushed everywhere. the car was neutral through the turns. although it was a Tiny bit loose. I think we will step it down to a 550 spring. we did need to pull the rear sway to make it feel neutral, and I like having a rear say. that way we have something to remove when it rains.   

0 days till NASA with the drivers meeting. 

Joel showed up too! and then his driver side rear wheel hub shit the bed. so that's all we saw of him on Saturday. he spent the rest of the day hunting parts. 

We went out not expecting too much with some old tires. a 3rd place finish would have been great.

heck, 2nd is good enough for free Maxxis tires. We will take it. not bad for a set of tires that are 6 months old.  

then disaster-ish struck. 

went looking for a 1:36 too hot and apexed too late. plus we found some oil.

Rate my driver excuses below. ;) 

This seriously added 50 lbs to the car. 

The only real damage other than pride was the rear hub. We ran over to my crew chief's day job and pressed in a new one.

Sunday we went out and reached for our goal of a 1:36 but came up just .01 sec short with a 1:37.0. good enough for a 3rd place finish and another Maxxis tire. :) 

Time for the thank you's. first off to my wonderful wife Andrea. She was a one-woman band for months as I spent the last 3 months in the garage prepping the car. Without her I would have starved and I love her so much. :) 

The nine lives crew, Jacob, Joel, Alex, John Mcelroy my crew chief, and my dad, Thank you or all the hard work they put in. It takes an army just trying to get to the track, at the track and helping me take tire temps. You are all amazing. thank you 

My sponsors, partners, and friends at Holley performance, Maxxis tire, Grams performance, John Bouchard Engines, and V8roadsters. You guys give me the stuff to go fast. I couldn't do it without your support.   

as we look forward we prep for NCCAR with 

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