CCP Fabrication -Miata Doors review with video.

Doors are on! 
We went down to CCP fab and ordered some lightweight doors for or NB Miata - v8 car. The first thing we did was make a quick FB live un-boxing video, next was to install them. 

The Facebook live video. 

Old OEM doors off. These are 'Gutted' NB Doors with Lexan triangle windows.  The steel doors came out to a whopping 29.6lbs on our handy-dandy bathroom scale.

As you can see not much remains of the original door. Just the bare necessities. Amazing to think this is 29lbs.

The new CCP Fabrication doors. The first impression was 'wow' at how light they are. The second was I thought I could snap them in half. When you're building a race car you sometimes need to build an item a bit more fragile to lose mass and gain speed. I'll keep my tubular control arms. Over the long run, that's where we want strength. The doors' strength is less important. The material is very thin. We found on accident that that light passes through them. A shop light surprised us with that discovery.

The big payoff. 5.6lbs. They feel almost weightless.

Excuse my mess. The shop is full of projects right now. The doors installed easily enough. Uses factory mounting points. OEM latches, Strikers where all reused. Install took a few minutes.

If your looking for more information on CCP follow this link. ( CCP Fabrication website.) and thanks for checking in. 

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