Testing speed parts at speed. MSD Atomic Intake, 105mm Throttle body and Pirelli slicks.

Test time. When you run time trails every time you take the track it's test time. This time we take the time too look for time.... ;) We installed a MSD atomic intake, paired to a 105mm Holley Throttle body on our 5.7l LS1 engine. We also tried out some slicks.

This was our first event trying out the Perrelli P zero DM. fitting 225's to 9" wheels was a real pain. these tires did not want to go on.  DM's are allegedly Pirelli's Time attack tire. super sticky.

We also bolted on an MSD atomic intake W/105mm holly throttle body. we had lots of people reaching out to us warning about our TB size choice.  Lots of internet rumors about drivability on such a "small" engine. We also needed to grind our Corvette water pump to clear the intake. 

The lat thing to test was CCP fab Fiberglass doors. already proven to remove 60lbs from the chassis. 

With the updates installed, we sent her out on a flier. 


 Intake and TB.
 Reading the internet gossip was quite intimidating. A constant barrage of "you'll lose driveability" came our way. We aren't sure if they were wrong or if the tapered bore on the TB was that big of a help. Despite all of that we didn't notice any mid throttle hesitation. Mid range pulled just as hard as before. On the top end, we did notice a huge gain in top speed. Previous peak top speed was 155 we where now trapping 157. a 3mph gain is a big deal on our cars with big wings. Overall very happy with the results. 


This was our first experience with "real slicks" Data shows that we were peaking at 1.5G we will compare this to our Maxxis tires that are normally peaking out at 1.3G. a 15% gain. The P Zeros gave us 3 great laps, after that, they were a bit hard to control and needed to be cooled. They did take 2 laps to heat up, a solid lap more then any other tire we tested. Release and brake away was sudden, but not uncontrollable nor shocking. Overall these were very easy to dive very fast.  The second day of running the P zeros was not as fast as the first day. looks like they we already had grip falling off, this was after the first 8 heat cycles. A big punch in the gut after finding out how much they retail for.  The maxxis... old trusty... have lasted us a good year, 80 heat cycles,  and still peak out at 1.3g. going forward despite the time gained we will switch back to the Maxxis to keep costs low.  
 We have heard rumors of a stickey-er Maxxis coming out. 

Times are in. Previous fastest lap set on the same day in 2016 was a 1:34.8, new fastest lap set on 2017 1:32.8. A huge improvement. This puts us on par with corvettes with similar tires. our advantage is much lower operating costs.

We are keeping the doors and the intake. but going forward we will be switching back to the Maxxis.  


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