The "Big Wang" test

As you might have heard we started selling wings. What you might not have heard was that we tested the Big Wang vs an APR 200 wing. The interesting part was, If our wing failed to beat the APR200 we would scrap the whole Big Wang program. The thought process was, to offer a wing that's worse than the industry standard would be pointless. We at Nine Lives would also like to express our absolute respect for APR they are valued competitors. On with the test.  

The test car was our V8 powered Miata. We've run this car for 5 years with the APR200. Everything on the car was exactly the same between tests. Same tire psi, hell... even the same oil! The only thing that would be different would be the tires' heat cycles. The big wang's tires (Pirelli P-zero dm)had 10-15 heat cycles as the APR's test had fresh tires. 

Test location was good old Road Atlanta. Our home track with lots of data on file.

Warning: Our tests were not done on the same day. Take that for what you will, but conditions were close enough not to find any reason to void the results. Both where 65* and sunny at test time. Barometric pressure was 30.1 for the APR test and 29.9 for the Big wang. A difference of 0.1. (Normal daily barometric pressure shift is +-0.5) 

APR's data came before we were encouraged to do the "Big Wang" program so test driving is unbiased.   

 The Subjects 
 The two test subjects were a 60" 'APR-200' ('new 200' standard Miata) and a 66" Elan made 'Big Wang'. We picked the 200 to test with because both wings were set around the same retail price. APR 200 is $935 retail, ours is $686 w/Optional R-Theory mounts. 

So like any good test, we formed a theory and tested it. 

 As you can see above the big wang was a whopping 6" larger. This raised a few questions for us to base our test on. 

  • Bigger Wing = more/less drag?
  • 3d (Twist) style vs 2d = more/less downforce?
  • Aluminum v Carbon = weight play a factor?

The test 

The first question was if the Big Wang's extra 6" would increase drag. Drag would affect the car's ability to gain speed. The evidence we'll use is the effect on top speed, more drag = lower top speed.

The result: Big Wang had less drag! 
 Evidence below. 
APR 200 top speed 156 (AiM solo DL detected 157mph) 
Big wangs top speed of 159mph 

Test notes: We gained an incredible amount of speed. 3mph from a wing swap is a huge performance advantage

Next question was about downforce levels. 
for this, we selected turn 12, Road Atlanta's fastest turn. 
The result: Big Wang had more Downforce! 
evidence below. 

 Corner speed at turn 12 was 107mph 

Corner speed of the big wang was 109  (other laps we saw as high as 111mph)

 Test notes. we noticed a significant amount of stability with the Big Wang. We were able to 'keep our foot in it' for much more of the track. 

The final question was about weight. 
Carbon vs Aluminum. Carbon will always be lighter and stronger. Our wing weighed in at 0.2 lbs_per_in. The apr weighed in at .14 lbs_per_in.  A difference of just .6lbs_per_in. although our wing was heavier, it wasn't that much heavier. Elan really did their homework and made a well-performing lightweight airfoil.   

Test notes: 
We didn't notice any added body roll from mounting the larger wing. We were paying attention, if we did, we would notify customers of what to expect.  

Final Thoughts
We went the same lap times between the two wings. Considering the Big Wang had tires that were into their 10-15 heat cycle we considered that a point for the Big Wang. Overall the downforce was astonishing. We had the APR set to its maximum aoa at 15*. At this angle of attack, we couldn't get it to overpower the front splitter. The Big Wang was able to overpower the front splitter at just 2* aoa. We wound up running the Big Wang at -1* just to find a balance in the car. At this point, with The Big Wang, we can start adding a lot more front downforce to take the car even further.       

 Videos from the tests. 
Big Wang 
 Apr 200 

Links to products 

 If anyone would like Data from these tests please visit , request "Big Wang test data" in the "contact us" box, and provide your email. We will be happy to share all information.


Alan said...

I'm glad you're making the world aware of the huge wang you're selling. It's just too big to keep to yourself.

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Lol...too big? 160mpr his going need big don't like bcuz it's not for show cars wing.its industrial kinda type wing and function

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