Let's talk "golden boys"

Race series tend to hang their hats on one or two drivers. You can usually find them on the poster, or billboard. IMO it's not a bad thing to promote a driver. It gives focus to select people in a huge crowd. That focus will help fans build a familiarity with the racers. Overall build a bond and elevates excitement. not bad.
Back-story Gloss over this paragraph if you know it.
the video https://youtu.be/JMJG36aAQPo…

Last weekend a big crash happened two cars hit at 160mph. one car that was in the lead contained Scott Lagasse Jr., Scotty was sent for a very scary ride. Smashing on his roof first. The guy in 2nd Thomas Merrill a skip barber racing instructor. The facts are this. The video is blurry and up to interpretation on who you think is at fault. many feel (myself included) that Merril was angry about losing the leed and "hard left" on the M1 chassis. the facts are this.
- Scotty has allegedly protested the incident.
- Trans Am allegedly  denied the protest
- Trans Am will not release video from Merrels car
- Track officials did ask local photographers to delete pictures taken of the crash.
- Trans am has removed the video after outrage.
- Racer magazine has also removed the video
- One official in charge of protests is also a Skip barber Instructor same as Merrill
- No Disciplinary action has fallen Merrill
- Merrill has not apologized, nor acknowledged the incident publicly

The debate

Over the last few days, multiple drivers, crew, and fans have been talking. I guess this Thomas Merrill is the "golden boy" of The Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli. Allegedly All year he's basically given a green light to drive any way he wants. smashed cars, broken bodies you name it. Allegedly If anyone touches him it's probation and suspensions. it's been reported That he's smashed up a bunch of cars already. This crash with Scotty is so far the worst. Skip Barber Racing School isn't a sponsor of trans am, but I assume they are back door paying The Trans Am Series. my only evidence it of that is, I see Skippy plastered all over the marketing and race reports. SKippy has been promoted more so than the actual sponsors. that's just a guess Trans am might just suck at updating the website. I also have been told the officials are made up of Skip barber instructors. Thomas Merrill is skippys poster boy as he is on the front page of their facebook. after this huge crash, He's allowed to keep his license. According to Scott Lagasse Jr.'s FB page, he's still coughing up blood. my question is how far should a "golden boy" be allowed to go, and how far should a series got o to protect their investment?

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