About: Johnny C & Nine Lives Racing

I'm Johnny Cichowski. I am team captain, car builder, and a U.S.Army veteran. I have a life long love for racing. I started being competitive at the age of 7 when my father bought me a dirt bike. I quickly took the track, and started racing AMA 125cc (now called "lights"). I raced dirt bikes with much success until 2004, when my county asked me to take a tour of Iraq. As a former United States Army soldier,  I am very proud of my service. After I returned home I bought a 350z and started to race solo class. With not many people racing  350z, and limited classes to chose from, I switched platform to the Mazda Miata. The excitement of competition is a rush and wining feels amazing. unfortunately the greatest victory is the next one.

Nine lives racing,

Nine Lives Racing is an exercise on the TEAM acronym (Together Everyone Achieves More). Every member on 9LR has made the commitment for motorsport. Together we help each other learn, grow, and become better at our discipline. As teammates we demand the highest possible performance from each other! It is the passion and teamwork that formed Nine Lives Racing.