Holley efi trouble? let me do the base tune...

Being one of the first people to have a Holley HP EFI I leaned quite a lot over the years. Lately I have received numerous requests for repairing finicky Holley tunes. Most of the time owners just get frustrated and would rather take the “buy out” option. If that is you, go ahead and send me your file I’ll fix it, and make it run right. Most of the time it’s just an unchecked box or some messed up settings.


If you’re worried about blowing something up. Shoot it over to me first. I’ll look over your software to make sure your good to go. EXAMPLE: I did a go threw one tune this week and found enough timing advance to blow the motor to the moon. The owner spent $150 bucks and it saved him $7,000+ in motor work. 

What I will do.
-  Set idle
- Make your EFI self-tune
- Set up Waring lights
- Set outputs for Fans, Fuel pumps, Accusump and other ideas. 
- Set up Spark kills for oil pressure and fuel pressure.
- Double check your settings for potential problems.

  I will not do peak power tuning. Don’t ask, I’m not about the liability life. Sometimes I can refer a shop. 

If you have questions shoot me an email to Ninelivesracing@gmail.com
Price is $150 to open your file and go through it.  
If you want me to tune your idle it’s $25 for each additional update.
 Tuning idle will require data log and 3 updates (Estimate)  

How to send a file. 

 save your file. 1- name it whatever you like 2 hit save. 

find that tune in your folders. right click, then send it to be saved as a zip file. 

once it's zipped it should look like this.

attached that Zipped folder to an email.

I will ask you some very basic questions, then we will agree on the fee. I will send over a pay pal request. After that request is fulfilled your new tune will be emailed back within a 2 days. Normally on the weekdays it only takes a few hours. I do race, and if i'm at the track give me a coupe days. 

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